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Medical use of BTX-A, or Botox® Cosmetic™ began in the 1970's when it was discovered that it is highly effective in treatment of facial ticks and spasms. Botox® Cosmetic™ has been successfully used since the early 1990's to relax specific facial muscles which repeatedly contract, causing wrinkles and lines to form. The treatment takes only a few minutes during which a tiny needle is used to inject a miniscule amount of product directly to the targeted areas just underneath the top layer of skin. There is no downtime after your appointment, which takes about 10 minutes once your consultation is complete.

Derived from a purified protein and administered in extremely dilute dosages, Botox® Cosmetic™ is non-toxic to the body. Wrinkles and lines will diminish dramatically within 2-3 days and full results will be achieved within 7-10 days. The effects usually last up from 3-6 months at which point you will notice a gradual fading of the effect. After repeat treatments the effects may begin to last longer.

Individual treatment costs will be determined during your free consultation.

Slow down and reduce the outward signs of aging with Botox® Cosmetic™. It's not about wanting to look 18, but about having the mirror reflect how vibrant and youthful you feel on the inside!

Click here for further information as well as FAQs about Botox® Cosmetic™.



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